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Vareya your trusted global fulfillment partner, empowering over 1000 brands worldwide to seamlessly deliver orders from every corner of their customer base.

Elevate your brand with memorable unboxing experiences and lightning-fast shipping. Vareya  takes pride in delivering unparalleled supply chain solutions, catering to global orders spanning the Europe, UK, US, Canada, Australia, and beyond.


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How It Works

From your Storefront to your Customer's Door – Vareya's Process

From startups to global enterprises, we’re here to unlock your full potential through our eCommerce fulfillment services. With our cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to people,we empower businesses of all sizes to scale efficiently





We integrate your store, import your product catalog, and transmit your inventory data to us.


We store your inventory  in our strategically located fulfillment centers.


When a customer places an order, dispatch it from the nearest fulfillment centers for swift delivery.

Maximize your Fulfillment Advantage with Vareya Fulfillment Center

E-commerce manager, Comexem

E-commerce manager, Comexem

“To say that switching to Vareya has been life-changing is an understatement, Our volumes has tripled and customers are happier then before.”

International Reach

Our international fulfillment solution opens doors to global markets, enabling you to effortlessly sell and ship your products worldwide under the best conditions. Expand your reach and boost your business’s global presence with Vareya

Seamless Integration

With Vareya, our fully integrated online Warehouse Management System (WMS) offers live updates and dedicated accounts. You and your customers enjoy real-time visibility and control, ensuring a seamless and transparent fulfillment experience.

Competetive Pricing

We don’t just ship; we’re savvy about it. Vareya rigorously compares shipping rates from trusted providers to secure the best pricing for your shipments. Rest assured, you’ll benefit from cost-effective shipping solutions that optimize your expenses.

Swift Dispatch

In today’s fast-paced world, meeting customer expectations is essential. Vareya delivers with same-day shipping, ensuring timely arrivals for national shipments. Your customers will experience prompt service that exceeds their demands.

Tailored Branding

At Vareya, it’s not just about getting packages ready for dispatch; it’s about making them uniquely yours. We offer customizable packaging that aligns with your branding ideas, ensuring your shipments make a lasting impression on your customers.

Dedicated Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is our unwavering commitment. Our dedicated customer support team handles your concerns, manages package inquiries, and addresses claims on your behalf. With Vareya, you’re not just a client; you’re part of a customer-focused family.


Unlocking Your Business Potential

In business, challenges are inevitable. You may grapple with inefficient warehouse management, shipping delays, order inaccuracies, scaling complexities, high shipping costs, and international expansion hurdles.

Vareya tackles these challenges with precision. Our advanced warehouse management system offers precise control over your inventory. We excel in efficient shipping, ensuring faster deliveries and cost control. We guarantee near-perfect order accuracy, reducing returns and boosting customer satisfaction. Scaling your operations becomes hassle-free with our flexible solutions. Moreover, our cost-effective warehousing alternatives optimize your capital allocation. Our global fulfillment network simplifies international expansion, making global growth accessible.

Your E-commerce Fulfillment Partner in Europe

Vareya, strategically located in the Netherlands with direct lines to the UK, Germany, Belgium, and more. serves as your gateway to a successful expansion into the European market. We offer businesses of all sizes, from startups to global brands, efficient fulfillment solutions tailored to their needs. Our commitment to scalability, advanced technology, and personalized customer support ensures that your products reach European customers swiftly and seamlessly.

Partnering with Vareya provides a range of advantages, including reduced shipping costs through local inventory, shorter lead times, access to various local carriers, a reduced ecological footprint, and efficient local returns. Don’t wait any longer; choose Vareya as your fulfillment partner and unlock the potential of the European market with our operations centered in the Netherlands.

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Worldwide Shipping With Trusted Parcel Partners

The moment a customer places an order on your online store, our automated fulfillment process springs into action. Order data is instantly transferred to our warehouse, ensuring efficient and lightning-fast order processing. Your customers’ orders are shipped on the same day, offering a seamless shopping experience

















Effortless Integration, Swift Shipping.

Vareya’s API integration seamlessly connects your online store with our WMS software in just a few clicks. 

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