How Vareya Works

Vareya leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline your e-commerce fulfillment. With our proprietary software integrated across our extensive fulfillment network, we offer an efficient order fulfillment experience. Your orders are automatically sent to our strategically located warehouses, where our team picks, packs, and ships your products to your customers. Our fulfillment services are designed to optimize operations for time and cost efficiency, ensuring that you consistently exceed customer expectations with excellent delivery experiences


Ready, Set, Ship

From Your Storefront to Your Customer's Door






We integrate your store, import your product catalog, and transmit your inventory data to us.


We store your inventory  in our strategically located fulfillment centers.

Order Placed

Your customer places an order on your store.



We pick, pack, and ship the order to your customer fast.

Simplifying Your E-Commerce Expansion

Seamless Onboarding

At Vareya, we specialize in facilitating a hassle-free and beneficial onboarding process for e-commerce businesses. Having successfully onboarded countless online merchants and supported rapid growth for various brands, our dedicated implementation team ensures your journey to success is smooth. We handle everything, from configuring your shipping options to seamlessly synchronizing your online store with our systems.

Vareya offers turnkey integrations with all major e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, including but not limited to Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon, and Walmart. Our integrations facilitate the importation of orders and the seamless exchange of data, enabling a two-way flow of essential information to enhance your operational efficiency. Experience a frictionless transition with Vareya as your e-commerce fulfillment partner. 

Strategic Inventory Distribution for Swift Shipping

we harness the power of a well-connected fulfillment center network to provide you with strategic inventory distribution solutions. By strategically placing your inventory across our network of fulfillment centers, we ensure your products can move swiftly and cost-effectively from point A to point B. With inventory stored in proximity to your customer base, we significantly reduce shipping zones and associated shipping costs when delivering orders to distant locations.

Distributed inventory is a competitive edge that enables us to offer two-day shipping options to your customers. When an order is initiated, Vareya’s algorithm automatically selects the optimal warehouse and carrier combination that ensures the quickest turnaround at the most favorable price point. This approach consistently contributes to a 13% reduction in costs for our partnered merchants, boosting your bottom line and enhancing your customers’ satisfaction with rapid deliveries. Choose Vareya for strategic inventory management and streamlined fulfillment.

Order Management

we provide a holistic approach to order tracking and management. Our advanced order management software allows you to maintain full control of your orders from start to finish. Easily filter orders based on their status, perform specific order searches, and access an intuitive timeline view that visually depicts each order’s progress throughout the fulfillment journey, including picking, packing, and shipping stages. Additionally, you can seamlessly access shipping-related data such as weight, dimensions, and carrier service information, enabling you to make informed decisions and take prompt action when needed.

Our order management software caters to both direct-to-consumer and wholesale shipments. It empowers you to efficiently oversee subscriptions, make post-purchase order adjustments, align your store’s shipping preferences with Vareya’s capabilities, and automate the sharing of real-time tracking details with your customers. With Vareya, enjoy a streamlined, end-to-end order tracking and management system that simplifies your e-commerce operations and enhances your customer satisfaction. 

Efficient Inventory Management

At Vareya, we put the power of effective inventory management in your hands. Our tailored suite of tools and expert guidance enables you to effortlessly oversee your inventory. You can readily access real-time updates on inventory status and quantities available at different locations, providing you with valuable insights into your stock’s performance.

Our advanced inventory management software empowers you to identify sluggish-moving inventory with high storage costs, and it offers in-depth analytics regarding product sales over various sales channels. With Vareya, you can proactively manage your inventory through handy features such as automated reorder notifications, facilitating the bundling of products for promotional campaigns, and streamlining inventory transfers. Enjoy the convenience and control offered by our inventory management solutions to optimize your e-commerce operations and maximize your efficiency.

Reporting and Analytics

we believe in the power of data to drive your business forward. Our free analytics tool provides essential information for your operations and decision-making. From year-end reports to supply chain optimization, our tool offers a range of informative charts and reports. Gain valuable insights such as optimal fulfillment center selection, inventory replenishment predictions, the impact of promotions on stock levels, and performance analysis for various shipping methods. Our analytics also cover key cost metrics like fulfillment and storage expenses. With Vareya’s reporting and analytics, you’ll have the knowledge to make informed, data-backed choices to succeed in e-commerce.

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