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Streamlining Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Pick and Pack Fulfillment Explained

In a warehouse, pick and pack fulfillment is the crucial process that occurs after an order is placed through your online store. Our warehouse picking method involves using a picking list to efficiently locate and retrieve the required quantities of each product from their designated locations in our warehouse. The packing phase involves carefully placing items into the appropriate boxes, along with the necessary packing materials and documentation, before labeling and shipping them to your customers.

Picking Process

Piece picking: Each product for an entire order is handpicked by our skilled staff.

Batch picking: Orders are processed in batches, optimizing efficiency. Zone order picking: Employees are assigned specific warehouse zones for single-order picking.

Wave picking: A blend of batch and zone picking, allowing for efficient order fulfillment.

Packing Process

Packing at Vareya is equally precise. We take care to place items in appropriately sized boxes with the right packaging materials, ensuring safe delivery while minimizing shipping costs. Our warehouse management system assists in selecting the most suitable box for each order.

Order fulfillment involves a complex series of interconnected processes, with picking and packing as two of the most crucial steps. Here’s an overview of how Vareya handles these processes:

Your Pick and Pack Fulfillment Partner

When choosing a fulfillment partner, pick and pack services are paramount. Our efficient warehouse operations ensure quick turnaround times, high accuracy, quality control, and a smooth shipping process, ultimately leading to exceptional customer satisfaction.

As a tech-enabled 3PL leader, Vareya offers a comprehensive suite of services for DTC brands seeking to optimize their fulfillment processes. In addition to our precise pick and pack services, we provide a range of order fulfillment solutions for e-commerce businesses.

Streamline your order processing and management with Vareya, and elevate your customer experience to new heights.

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