B2B & Retail Fulfillment

we help growing brands quickly master the complex challenges of retail distribution and wholesale fulfillment. Our state-of-the-art EDI-compliant technology empowers you to harness the scale of B2B capabilities

Streamlined Retail Distribution for Your Business

Vareya’s retail distribution solution is designed to simplify the process for businesses of all sizes, catering to both B2B and retail needs. We pride ourselves on offering transparent pricing and flexibility, eliminating the need for complex pricing structures and minimum contract requirements. Whether you prefer EDI integration or manual order input, our system is optimized to handle orders efficiently, saving your team from the heavy lifting.

With Vareya’s extensive network of fulfillment centers strategically located across the United States, you can expand your business without the fear of outgrowing your supply chain or facing capacity constraints during peak seasons. Choose Vareya, and you’ll be able to onboard new retailers in a matter of days, not months, ensuring a swift and seamless distribution process for your products.

Maintain Flawless Retailer Compliance with Vareya

 Vareya’s unwavering dedication revolves around safeguarding your retailer partnerships while adhering rigorously to all retailer guidelines. Rely on us for the fulfillment of your wholesale orders, expertly managed within our specialized B2B facilities spanning the Europe. Our on-site specialists are there to guarantee that every order is meticulously packed, in strict accordance with industry standards.

With Vareya at your side, you can focus your energies where they matter most, entrusting us with: 

  • Timely and Complete Order Shipments

  • Properly Formatted GS1 Labels

  • Ongoing Adherence to Retailer Guidelines

Maintain Flawless Retailer Compliance with Vareya

we understand that connecting with retailers should be seamless, regardless of whether you prefer EDI integrations or manual order submissions. Our flexible approach allows you to collaborate effortlessly with retailers of all sizes.

With Vareya, you can swiftly onboard retailers using your preferred EDI partner and efficiently manage all your B2B orders through our unified dashboard. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between systems and enjoy the benefits of end-to-end visibility.

Fed up with the hassle of juggling multiple systems? Vareya’s integrated dashboard offers seamless end-to-end visibility, encompassing:

  • Accurate tracking of pallet and carton dimensions and weights

  • Instant, real-time updates on order statuses

  • Photos of your outbound shipments

Value Added Services

Enhance the presentation of your products to meet the exacting standards of both retailers and wholesalers. Vareya offers customized solutions designed to ready your goods for retail, including a comprehensive range of value-added services.

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