Customs Warehouse

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Customs warehouse storage of goods

Imported goods from outside the EU are subject to customs charges and import duties. Any product shipped from outside the EU must pass customs. In doing so, you need to pay a hefty fee to have your products transported to the location of your choice.

These customs taxes have a huge impact on the liquidity of your e-commerce business. Which reduces capital for investment and possible expansion. You can defer these taxes through customs bonded warehouses.

What is a bonded warehouse?

Under the customs warehousing arrangement, you can store non-EU goods in an approved and supervised area by customs authorities or another location, such as Vareya’s customs warehouse storage.

Import duties, VAT and other charges are only due after the goods are removed from the customs warehouse, if the destination is the EU market.

These charges are not payable if the goods are destined for a market outside the customs territory of the Union. As a result, you can reap significant financial benefits.

Anyone can use a public customs warehouse for the storage of goods. A private customs warehouse, on the other hand, can only be used by the holder of the authorization customs warehouse.

Vareya B.V. has the necessary permits to store goods in a bonded warehouse. As a result, you do not have to pay the duties directly to customs. Once the order is received through your online shop, you only pay customs duties.

Some companies report saving 25 to 30% on these customs taxes.

Benefits of storage at Vareya's bonded warehouse

The advantages of this method of storing imported products are numerous:

  • Simplify the logistics process.
  • Cost-saving due to suspension of payment of import duties and VAT.
  • The final customs destination is not yet known and you wish to temporarily store the goods under suspension.
  • Unlimited storage, as it is permitted to store goods for a long period in Vareya’s customs warehouse
  • Joint storage of EU and non-EU goods is possible.
  • Temporary storage is permitted. This means that distance selling is possible for e-commerce companies from a bonded warehouse.
  • Temporary removal if prior permission is obtained from customs authorities.

Handling of customs duties

Vareya handles handling with the customs office and payment for duties. We assist you in clearing your goods in the bonded warehouse at Customs (Community). In addition, we support you in dealings with the customs office, such as the T1 form.

The T1 form is used to ship goods between EU countries even if they are still under customs. The advantage is that you do not have to hire employees to waste time and resources on customs. Meanwhile, you can continue to grow your web shop.

Integrated logistics

Our customs warehouses have the added advantage of being linked to our logistics facilities.

Vareya can take care of everything for your webshop products. Consider storage of goods, packaging and prompt delivery. If required, we also handle returns.

Once the goods are cleared for payment at customs, we start the process of packing and shipping. Exactly as we do with our other goods stored in non-customs depots.

Vareya is your logistics service provider. We arrange all logistics behind storage and transportation for your online store. This will save you time, resources and often a lot of frustration.

In addition, you will receive a bond for your goods in free circulation. This ensures that you do not suffer a monetary loss once the payments are paid. This includes VAT or taxes on goods and services.


Vareya Customs Warehouse Storage

Our customs bonded warehouse in Etten-Leur contains 42,000 m2 and has a customs authorization level C. This means that we are allowed to receive, store and ship goods under customs supervision. Because of our AEO-F permits, we can increase speed and flexibility at customs. This saves time and money for you.

This is a staging environment