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An important part that an online store has to deal with a lot is customer service. Of course, it can always happen that customers have questions or comments about certain products.

Therefore, you want your customers to receive the best possible service. But what if you simply don’t have time to talk to your online shoppers through various channels?

Vareya is there for you, to take the worry out of that too.

Good customer service gives a brand a positive image. Especially with regard to e-commerce, a satisfied customer is the top priority. Because of the high competition and lack of direct interaction, setting your online store’s excellent customer service apart from others.

Traditional marketing is no longer as effective as it once was. New customers or potential customers rely on first-hand experiences to decide whether to make a purchase. Positive reviews and recommendations can have a big impact on your customer base.

Why customer service is important

You are much more likely to retain your online shoppers and gain new customers if you make sure your service is excellent. The most important aspect of this is to treat the client with care and respect. After all, buyers like to be at their beck and call. This means that you must also respond quickly to inquiries about your products.

Vareya also has customer service available for your online store. This department is available 7 days a week to answer your customers by phone, email or chat. This allows you to guarantee accessibility as a webshop and increase your customer loyalty.

This is because a good online store offers customers support, is transparent and is ready to serve customers at any time of the day. Make sure customers can easily contact the online store if there are questions. For example, whether it’s a return, a question about the product or the status of package shipment. All answers to these questions can be provided by Vareya’s customer service department.

Vareya supports and relieves the web shop at all stages of the e-fulfilment process.

Handling through customer service

Good customer service doesn’t just consist of being easily accessible to your online customers. Our service goes much further. A number of points are important when speaking well to your online customers, including:

  • Actually giving a correct answer.
  • Meeting online customer expectations.
  • Delivering on promises and commitments.
  • Correct handling of every question.
  • Good aftercare.

Deal with complaints properly and positively

Customers have become increasingly discerning in recent years. With that, handling complaints and inquiries has also become more important. A lot of service is demanded from the web shops. It is important to provide excellent service to your existing customers.

Consumers easily leave a complaint or negative message on social media. This can damage your image and have major consequences for your online store.

Therefore, proper treatment of complaints is extremely important. When you have served a customer well, the complaint will not spread. In fact, there is even a chance that consumers will actually write positively about your shop and service. This is the best advertising you could wish for.

By delegating your customer service to Vareya, you gain more time and resources to invest in expansion.

Moreover, the whole process is easier for us because we are connected to our handling and warehouse services. This means processing returns is fast and flawless.

Knowing that 30% of all online orders are returned, we focus on handling them carefully. This way, you can have professional customer service at a fraction of the cost.

Vareya is always there for you and your online shoppers.

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