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Logistics transportation is a specialty that Vareya has certainly mastered. You can rely on the years of experience we have in transport, logistics, warehousing and also e-fulfilment for web shops. From warehousing to order fulfillment and from inventory management to distribution, you can turn to Vareya.


The process of getting the item from the shop to the customer is called distribution. Despite being part of the same logistics sector as transportation, it has different elements.

Distribution is always the last step in the process. Convenience and time management are the keys to success. This is because the customer decides when he wants to receive the product or pick it up at a pickup point. Vareya meets these needs.


Transportation of products is largely an internal process. It includes all the different situations where a product needs to be moved somewhere else. Transportation occurs, for example, in the case of:

  • transferring products to our distribution centers
  • the processing of raw materials or semi-finished products in a factory
  • picking up the goods at the factory
  • moving the product from one warehouse to another because of convenience or efficiency for shipping

Transportation must be smooth and in addition reliable. To achieve this goal, Vareya uses a centralized management system. Our Transport Management System (TMS) calculates the optimal transport routes and also the most economical means of transport.

In addition to this system, we also use various freight exchange systems and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). These systems ensure that all activities during the transportation process are recorded. For example, we know exactly what day the products arrive.

Using technological systems, our team at Vareya ensures that your goods are always transported safely, quickly and efficiently. No time is lost.

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