ICT Solutions

Faster and more efficient service delivery through platform integrations

ICT Solutions and integration for online stores

Information is the most valuable resource in modern business. Each completed transaction then creates a set of valuable data. This data offers a better understanding of an online store’s strengths and weaknesses, if accessible.

For example, it can help capture a specific problem. Or the data show a positive trend worth investing in. Often problem is that the data is not easily accessible.

Making the data usable, companies implement software solutions that collect and process this data into a usable format. These systems are called ICT solutions.

Integration of ICT solutions

All services offered by Vareya are supported by state-of-the-art ICT solutions and ICT integration. This then means that all processes are documented electronically.

Our software systems communicate directly with your webshop. As a result, you receive incoming orders and consolidate this information on current inventory. This gives you as an e-commerce company 24/7 real-time visibility to all relevant information about your products.

The systems simultaneously analyze sales, daily orders, shipments, payments and returns.

WMS & TMS Integration

An integral part of the technology tools at Vareay is our Warehouse Management System (WMS). A WMS supports the entire warehouse operations, such as inbound, outbound, customs, warehousing, scanning, order picking and administration.

To ensure that the system receives accurate numbers, we use an ERP (RFID) system. This helps us keep the inventory list current at all times. Its importance is, first of all, quick access to products. The fact that it also processes all data and makes it available for viewing is an added bonus.

Another important ICT system is the Transportation Management System. Indeed, TMS software supports all transportation management activities of logistics services. Such as order management, trip planning, route planning and transportation manners, but also takes care of the administrative registration of transports.

Electronic data exchange

We also use freight exchange systems and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Both systems simplify administrative processing. In this way we can offer our customers a faster and also more accurate service.

Through extensive analysis of systems, we are able to advise you on the best options for your distribution needs.

Incoming orders are centralized in our Multi Channel Fulfillment System, supported by internal links. This ensures fast and also reliable processing of all orders. This platform processes goods and also records the status of inventory. We link your webshop to these systems with a simple REST API.

Our Platforms integrations

The most popular online platforms are linked to our services:

Lightspeed, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Opencart, bol.com, Amazon….

Our systems notify us of orders to the web shops on these sites. Once an order is received, we can immediately begin the shipping process. The stock data is then updated immediately. This speeds up the entire process and thus provides valuable insight into how your online store is doing.

Based on the data received, this allows you to make important decisions. The information is updated in real time. As a result, our ICT infrastructure is highly reliable and also available 24/7.

How does it work?

Connect your webshop to Vareya’s Warehouse Management System and work in the cloud ict environment.

Send your inventory to our 42,000 m2 warehouse center in Etten-Leur.

Get visibility into receiving & storage, picking & packing and shipments based on your sales.

What can Vareya B.V. do for you?

  • Order processing: order picking, packing, repacking, shipping
  • Warehouse: inventory management, follow your goods (tracking) and get logistical and also financial insights.
  • Product distribution and return shipments: your webshop is connected to the most suitable transport and courier networks for all your package deliveries and returns.
  • Storage of goods: we store all your products in our distribution center.
  • Labeling and packing service: labeling your products, repacking and also packing your goods.
  • Fast delivery: short lead times due to efficient e-fulfilment service. Fast delivery of the best quality.
  • ICT solutions: connected to all our modern software systems that give you data that you can act and react on.
  • Customer service: the aftercare service for your webshop. You don’t have to do it alone, Vareya is happy to think and help.

Let us do the work

Save time and costs by outsourcing your e-Fulfilment, Storage, Transportation , Distribution and Warehousing

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