Repackaging and Re-Branding

Product packaging for online stores and web shops

Vareya is the expert in e- fulfilment service. We are constantly researching the best solutions for the process of packing, shipping and returns. Our warehouse is therefore equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technological solutions. After all, that is the best way to provide the e-fulfilment service that web shops are asking for.

A great example of this is our packing service. When your order arrives, our system analyzes the products and durable packaging material. The most suitable box is selected to then pack and ship the order. This saves on weight costs and materials.

Your products fit just right, so they arrive at the customer in perfect condition.

Continuous innovation in addition to providing the best e-fulfilment service makes Vareya the leading in the industry.

Wrapping with logo packaging

Presentation is an important component for any web shop. Your brand creates recognition and thus promotes loyalty. After all, the packaging is the first thing the customer sees of the web shop.

Therefore, place your own logo on our packaging and get connected with your buyers. Online shopping is the same as retail stores, keep in touch with your clients and show who you are.

Receipt and (re)packaging of products

Products usually arrive at our warehouse in bulk. This may be in various cardboard boxes, on a pallet or even in a container coming directly from the factory. Products are rarely sold in wholesale packaging materials. Rather, individual products are ordered from the web shop.

Sometimes the original packaging is not the right one. Vareya has all the necessary warehouse facilities to package or repackage your products. This means that the items do not leave the warehouse, saving cost and time.

Vareya uses sustainable packaging materials. Some examples of our packaging options include:

  • standard packaging
  • labeling
  • seal
  • packaging covers
  • cellophane packaging

Packaging and branding are just one of the services we offer our clients.

Rebranding on packaging

Promotional packaging or re-branding are also part of our e-fulfilment services. Advertising packaging allows our customers to add a personal touch to their brand.

Re-branding can be especially interesting for our partners from outside Europe, who need to adapt their product packaging to international markets. Therefore, this process often involves a vendor who imports products in bulk.

We receive the product in large quantities from the factory and repackage it according to the customer’s instructions. Once it is on the packages, orders can be shipped.

In this way, our customers still retain the stylistic freedom to decide what the product packaging looks like. Without worrying about the process of repackaging. The results then have a positive impact on brand image and recognition.

The goal of our packaging and branding services is to help our clients reach a wider audience while also building their brand.

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