The ins & outs of Amazon Fulfilment!

Selling through external platforms like Amazon

As a webshop owner it is possible to sell your products via Amazon. In addition to being able to sell your products via Amazon, there are several other platforms platforms such as E-bay, BOL, Wish etc. Even if you don’t have a webshop (yet), it is still possible to sell your products on these platforms.

Ways to sell on Amazon

Selling via Amazon or other sales platforms offers enormous possibilities. To make it accessible to everyone, there are two fulfillment options for Amazon selling. You can choose to let your orders get fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). Or you could choose to let your orders get fulfilled by Merchant (FBM).

Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)

To realize sales via Amazon you can choose for FBM. You can actually see this as your webshop, the only difference is that you do not own the webshop yourself, your just using Amazon as a sales channel. With FBM you are therefore responsible for the fulfillment of the orders.

Here at Vareya we can help with this, because we then take care of the fulfillment of your orders on the Amazon platform.  You can deliver your bulk stock to us, and we ensure that the orders are fulfilled and shipped correctly. We also provide a API integration between the sales platform and our Warehouse Management System. This provides direct push-back to the selling platform after an order has been fulfilled. (including shipping confirmation to the consumer and stock adjustment in Amazon).

The advantage of FBM over FBA is the cost, Amazon often asks for a substantial margin on every product sold. We offer our Amazon order fulfillment service at a much lower rate.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

When you choose FBA, you’re use a fulfillment service from Amazon. They have set up this service to provide support for storage, packaging, shipping and local customer service. This service makes it a lot easier for you to actually sell and distribute your products.

As a seller, you must send your goods (prepared orders) to the Amazon fulfillment center, where they get stored. This shipment to Amazon is a so-called transfer order. As soon as a customer places an sales order, Amazon employees ensure that the order reaches the end customer.
Here at Vareya, we can ensure that the stock is sent to Amazon in the correct way. Amazon sets strict requirements for an account, such as a limited stock, maximum weight, dimensions, etc. So it actually comes down to the fact that Amazon often only allows a small amounts of stock. By choosing FBA through us, the bulk is stored with us and we ensure that there is always sufficient sellable stock at Amazon. If you would have to do this yourself, there is often a delay, which means that there is a chance that someone will not be able to order. We are working this way, for example, for a large customers from the US. So they are in America themselves, but with our help they can also sell via Amazon in Germany, France and England.

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