Warehouse Management

Inbound , Storage , Exit and Transshipment

Warehouse management with always sufficient stock

Warehousing is the central part of the e-fulfilment process. Every online store needs storage, with good warehouse management being essential for professional online stores. Vareya B.V. has a distribution center of no less than 42,000 m2 of storage which is located in central Holland in Etten-Leur.

Vareya B.V.’s warehouse is the warehouse for online stores to store their stock. In addition, we help you with the entire e-fulfilment process.

For retailers, of course, having an excellent product line is still the most important part of the business. Just like marketing and a good website. However, having adequate inventory of your products is also a must. As a result, you never have to sell no again, increasing your profits.

After all, you know how many products are in stock so you can reorder in time.

Certain products or outdated inventory can shrink your profits because it keeps you from purchasing new stock. This then increases warehouse costs. By managing inventory correctly, you avoid this pitfall and ultimately increase your profits.


We take delivery of the goods, which we then check for quantities and status. After everything is checked, we start the storage process.

The goods are stored as inventory. This is done in an efficient and smart way. Once we need a product, it can also be grabbed quickly and easily.


When an order is placed, it should be handled as quickly as possible. Our order pickers have an ERP barcode scanning system with voice-activated commands. This ensures that the right products are collected and inventory is always up-to-date.

After the order is picked from the warehouse, it goes to the packing department. There, the package is properly packaged and prepared for shipment.


The package is ready to send and the records have also been updated. The package is transferred to the most appropriate carrier so that the product reaches the recipient as quickly as possible and unaffected.

Our craftsmanship and concern for quality are obviously important to you as an e-commerce company. With a warehouse of 42,000 m2, Vareya B.V. has sufficient space for the storage and transshipment of your products.

Warehouse management from Vareya

Our warehouse has state-of-the-art software systems in terms of inventory management and integration of web shops, such as Amazon, WordPress and bol.com.

Through the Warehouse Management System (WMS), goods and inventory can be tracked. The advantage of this method is that you have access to inventory, sales numbers and returns at all times. Through this system, the location in the warehouse is also known immediately. You never have to run out of stock again.

Warehouse Management systems are linked

Warehouse Management, or warehouse management, is a management activity that actually never stands alone. This is because the items from the warehouse to be managed must also be used, traded or transported. Our WMS is therefore linked to the ERP system for fast order picking.

Also built into Transport Management Systems (TMS) are some warehouse management functionalities.

Information and ICT solutions

Information is the most valuable resource in modern business. It is not for nothing that people say “measuring is knowing. With each completed transaction, a set of valuable data is created. This data provides a deeper understanding of a company’s strengths and weaknesses.

They can help identify a specific problem or, on the contrary, show a positive trend worth investing in.

If desired, stock of incorrect items can be taken into account. It is a great challenge for the web shop to purchase and store the right products. Through our software systems, you have insight into the turnover rate of your products. This allows you to see right away whether a product is selling well or not.

All our services are supported by modern ICT solutions, giving you insight into the valuable data for your online store. Based on this information received by our ICT systems as a web store, you can make the right decision on what is right for your store.

Storage, handling and management of your webshop items are in good hands with Vareya B.V. Our staff is qualified and experienced. In addition, we use the most advanced software to make the processes as efficient as possible.

For several clients, we offer a total solution for the entire e-fulfilment process. This includes receiving the goods, repacking, packing, inventory management, labeling and, of course, distribution and shipping to the end customer.

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