eCommerce Logistics : Everything You Should Know

Third-Party Logistics

ECommerce logistics are a set of interconnected processes that can be roughly grouped into three categories. Those categories are warehousing, preparation, and fulfillment. For traditional, brick-and-mortar stores logistics were oftentimes done in-house. For modern E-Commerce businesses, this is neither viable nor profitable. The much more efficient and affordable solution is opting for a 3PL company. The reasons for this are too many to list, but let’s mention a few of the most obvious ones.

Worldwide E-Commerce

Outsourcing your logistics to a centralized hub for all operations opens your business up for global trade. This makes sense in most cases. If your product is well received and liked in your home country it is likely to do well across the world. Taking advantage of 3PL and their experience, you can corner markets that would otherwise remain out of your reach.

Growing Webshops with Clients All Over the World

The E-Commerce industry is booming. As more people get access to the internet and modern technology, traditional shops fade into the background. What draws these people to E-Commerce is first and foremost affordability and accessibility. Outsourcing your operation to Third Party Logistics guarantees that you have those two fields covered. All you have to do then is make sure your product is top-notch.

Fast Delivery Worldwide

You might be able to deliver your goods efficiently within your own country or region. But what happens when you get an order from the end of the world? Well, Third-Party Logistics make sure that even the furthest corner of the world is just as accessible as your front yard. Having an established system of fulfillment options and processes in place cuts down heavily on delivery times and enables you to give your customers a great experience.

Lower Shipping Rates

Because of the connections and sheer volume of goods transported, Third-Party Logistics get cheaper rates on shipping. This more or less transfers directly to you as well, if you opt for it. This is true whether you have a huge amount of goods that need to be delivered or a highly specialized product that needs special attention in transit. It’s obvious how this can impact your business. Reducing
shipping rates leaves you with a larger margin and more freedom to focus on expanding or adjusting your business.

Outsourcing Webshop Logistics

All of the benefits listed above only scratch the surface. But they are undoubtedly the most attractive ones for small E-Commerce businesses. Outsourcing logistics for webshops is at this point crucial for success. It reduces the upkeep and overhead costs and frees up capital that can be used better elsewhere. It is no wonder then that many online shops choose to partner up with Third-Party Logistics companies specifically tasked with taking on this segment of the operation.


Outsourcing logistics is the norm for E-Commerce and is likely to become the future of trade in general. Getting an early start in will be a great advantage for any budding E-Commerce business.

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