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Fulfillment Software

Smart software is an important part of all parts of our lives. From smartphones to heating systems, technology has become an integral part of our daily routine. It is no different in the fulfillment business.

Fulfillment Software has become important for the same reason any technology does. It cuts down on time. It provides better information. And it lowers costs.

Fortunately, we have recognized this early on. This has helped us do our job better. And that job is providing you with the best software solutions for your fulfillment needs.

There are many systems that work together in our company. But there are two very important ones, and we get a lot of questions about them. Those are our WMS or Warehouse- Management System and our ICT-solutions (Information and Communications Technology).

Warehouse Management System ( WMS )

The WMS we use is the Bizbloqs WMS. It’s a top of the shelf warehouse management software made in the Netherlands. It provides us with a real-time overview of all logistic processes. It boasts a high level of flexibility and scalability. This is particularly important for us and our customers. Because the e-commerce market is constantly changing and expanding, adaptations must be made fast. The flexibility and scalability of the Bizbloqs WMS allow us to do just that. It means that we can provide reliable information to our business partners regardless of the volume of goods that they sell.

Additionally, it makes the warehousing much easier. By offering integrated RF barcode scanning and Voice Picking capabilities, our warehouses work faster. This, in the end, cuts down the time needed for your goods to get to their destination. It also makes things much more accurate. Since all the products are pre-registered in the system, picking them out is easy. There is virtually no chance of picking out the wrong product.


You can read about our ICT-Solutions in detail here. Suffice it to say that we have all of your needs covered. First of all, our ICT systems documents all of the processes we do for you electronically. This allows you to keep precise track of your wares. Then it collects incoming orders directly from your sales page. (We can link your webshop to these systems with a simple REST API.) Finally, it consolidates this new piece of information with the information on current stock and informs you about the changed state. This is in essence 24/7 access to all
relevant information on your goods. As a bonus, the software gives comprehensive insight into how your business is doing with one click.

Some of the most popular online platforms are already linked to our services. Our systems collect orders placed on these sites and signal us to start shipping. It also immediately updates inventory data so that you know at all times what your stock is.


The best part of all this is that all our systems are integrated. All of our shipping processes are interconnected via the TransSmart services. Fulfillment integration means that all the systems constantly communicate with each other seamlessly. This assures that all information is double or triple-checked and confirmed. Virtually all information on your product or parcel is reliable and provided to you in real-time.

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