Fulfillment Shipping : Everything You Should Know

Fulfillment Shipping

Although many things go on behind the scenes of a Fulfillment company, shipping is the most noticeable. Customers and business partners want their goods delivered quickly and reliably. For Business-to-Customer sales this is especially true. According to some studies, around 55% of carts are abandoned because of unexpected extra costs like shipping.

For businesses that are just starting out, or have a lower volume of sales, getting good rates can be a problem. A common situation is that the shipping costs are then higher than your profit margin, and you have to transfer the shipping costs to the customer. The customer, in turn, is very likely to be dissuaded from purchasing your product because of high shipping costs.

Even when costs are not an issue, delivery times still are. Especially products sent directly from the factory with standard shipping can take months to get to their destination. Customers are likely to avoid this as much as possible.

Add to that list of possible issues problems that might arise when dealing with the delivery company. For example, smaller shipment deliveries might not receive tracking numbers. This leaves you without valuable information and your customer anxious for a long time. Not to mention the fact that paying for shipping insurance up-front is virtually impossible for smaller

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Shipping to a Fulfillment Company

So far, we have listed only potential problems when you handle your shipping alone. Outsourcing your shipping process to a professional Fulfillment shipping company does away with all those problems. Instead, you are left with a wealth of benefits.

Cheaper Shipping

Vareya has contracts with the best in the shipping business. These contracts provide various benefits to your company. One of them is cheaper shipping rates, caused by volume. To put it simply, because Vareya ships regularly in large quantities, the shipping companies can give us better prices. These are in the end the prices you pay, and they are significantly lower than the regular prices.

Faster Shipping

Because of the contracts with many different companies, Vareya has many great options laid out. This includes all the possible routes, be it by airplane, truck, or cargo ship. By calculating the most efficient route for your product we can ensure both your and your customers’ satisfaction.

Additionally, we are able to offer same-day and next-day deliveries. With reasonable cut-off times as well.

Ordered before 23:00 (cut-off time) within the Netherlands, will be delivered the next day!

Ordered before 12:00 (cut-off time) within the Netherlands is delivered the same day! Same day delivery service.

Ordered before 10 p.m. (cut-off time) to Belgium, will arrive the next day!

Within Europe (please contact us for an exact price recommendation)

Outside of Europe (please contact us for an exact price recommendation)

Integrated Information

Thanks to our ICT solutions, you always have real-time information on your product. This extends to the shipping portion of our services. Again, thanks to our deals with the largest companies out there, we can get the best deal for you. And thanks to our technological systems, we can keep you updated on everything you need to know.

Fewer Worries

Our contracts with the strongest shipping companies such as DHL, UPS, Asendia, and PostNL, to mention a few, allow us to get your goods to their destination quickly, safely, and reliably. Because we are dealing with these companies on a daily basis, and because of the quantity discount, we can take many worries off of your mind. This includes things like shipping insurance, potential package loss or delays in transport. We have you fully covered.

Shipping Integration

By outsourcing your shipment needs to us, you can integrate them into the whole fulfillment process. This means that you can significantly reduce the time needed to complete a delivery. By having all your fulfillment needs met at the centralized location of our warehouses, all the working parts get done quicker.

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