Increase Your Online Sales With Amazon Fulfilment!

Sell Through external platforms such as Amazon

As a Web shop owner, it is possible to sell your products through Amazon. In addition to being able to sell your products through Amazon, there are several other platforms. For example, there is in the Netherlands and eBay operates worldwide. Even if you do not have a web shop, it is still possible to sell your stuff on these platforms.

Ways to sell through Amazon

Selling through Amazon or other sales platforms offers tremendous opportunities. To make it accessible to everyone, there are two options in terms of fulfillment for Amazon sales. In fact, you can choose to perform the fulfillment yourself (FBM) or have Amazon perform the fulfillment (FBA).

Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM).

To make sales through Amazon, you can choose FBM. You can actually think of this as a kind of webshop, the difference being only that you don’t have a webshop yourself but Amazon as your sales platform. You are therefore responsible for the fulfillment of the orders yourself.

From Vareya we can help with this very well, as we will take care of the fulfillment. You deliver stock to us, and we make sure the orders are handled properly. We also provide a link between the sales platform and our Warehouse Management System. This provides immediate feedback to involved parties (including shipment confirmation to consumers and inventory adjustment in Amazon).

The advantage of FBM over FBA is cost; Amazon often charges a hefty margin on each product sold. We offer our service for fulfilling orders from Amazon a lot cheaper.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

When you choose FBA as a seller, you are using a service provided by Amazon. They set up this service to provide support for storage, packaging, shipping and local customer service. This service makes it a lot easier for you to actually sell.

In fact, as a seller, you have to ship your goods to the Amazon fulfillment center, here they are stored. This shipment to Amazon is called a transfer order or sales order. Once someone then places an order, Amazon employees make sure the order gets to the end customer.

From Vareya, we can also support this, as we can make sure that the inventory is sent to Amazon in the right way. In fact, Amazon has hefty requirements for an account, such as limited inventory, maximum weight, dimensions, etc. The bottom line, then, is that Amazon often only allows a small inventory. By opting for FBA through us, the bulk is stored with us and we ensure that there is always sufficient inventory at Amazon. When you would have to do this yourself, there is often some delay in the process, so there is a chance that someone will not be able to order. For example, we do this for a large cosmetics client from America. So they themselves are in America, but through our help they can also sell through Amazon in Germany, France and England.

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